International Marine and Industrial Applicators (IMIA) was founded in 1984 by a group of professionals committed to providing the best surface preparation solutions to the marine industry. 

The ship repair and new ship construction industry is fast paced and competitive. The nature of the industry places stringent requirements on contractors to produce quality work in a timely manner, at a reasonable price. International Marine and Industrial Applicators has been able to meet this challenge by placing an emphasis on the training and development of its greatest resource, people.  The company’s infrastructure has matured to meet and exceed all expectations of its customers on each and every project.  International Marine and Industrial Applicators is lead by a team of professionals that have over 150 years of experience combined. 

The core services of our company are steel grit, dry abrasive and water blasting, HVLP and spray-painting, specialty coatings and linings, abatement and containment, and high-pressure water washing. Process and material quality control is strictly monitored throughout each contract by our specially trained inspection team, insuring that contract requirements and our goal of 100% customer satisfaction will be met.

International Marine and Industrial Applicators has been successful in establishing long-term relationships with shipyards and ship owners through responsive service, strong business ethics and a commitment to delivering the best product. We would like the opportunity to prove to you what many of our customers already know: that International Marine and Industrial Applicators will perform the work in a professional manner, for a competitive price, in the shortest possible time. We are strategically located with workforces to provide our services worldwide. Currently, we have equipment and labor positioned in several locations along the Gulf of Mexico, Great Lakes region, East and West Coasts, and Hawaii.


Michael Keenan, Jr. - CEO

Mike Keenan is a graduate of Old Dominion University and MBA from William and Mary University.  He held numerous positions during his 30 years at Newport News from Hull Outfitting Foreman, Blast/Coat Superintendent, Plant Manager of Asheville Industries, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary, to Director of Commercial Construction.

In 1996, Mike Keenan became President Of Tampa Bay Shipbuilding, and took this shipyard from a fledgling start-up operation to one of the few shipyards specializing in the retrofit double hulling of ocean-going petroleum barges. In 2000 Mike left Tampa to run International Marine and Industrial Applicators, which then, was a $14M paint company primarily serving the commercial marine industry. Since becoming CEO of International Marine and Industrial Applicators, the company’s revenue has grown to over $90M serving the military and commercial marine industry nationwide. To contact Mike Keenan: mkeenan@imiallc.com

Yehuda Chakoff – Chief Operating Officer
Yehuda Chakoff is a graduate of the University of Virginia.  He has over 20 years of experience in the marine sector in a variety of management positions including engineering, contracts and program management.  He joined International Marine and Industrial Applicators, LLC in 2003 and has helped International Marine and Industrial Applicators LLC evolve from a subcontractor position to the prime contractor for all Naval preservation projects.  In addition, Yehuda has expanded International Marine and Industrial Applicators LLC’s product offerings to include a variety of non-preservation items such as specialty tiling and lead handling. To contact Yehuda Chakoff: ychakoff@imiallc.com.

Robert Doran - Vice President Risk Management, Quality Assurance & Estimating
Robert Doran has worked in the marine industry for over 30 years.  For the past 10 years Robert has focused exclusively in the preservation industry.  His career began as an electronic repair technician working on numerous commercial vessels and transitioned over to a manager of a major gas freeing company.  He later transferred over to project management of large repair availabilities on board US Navy ships and submarines for the past 4 years with concentration in environmental, safety and quality assurance.  To contact Robert Doran: bdoran@imiallc.com.

Joe Rella - Vice President Strategic & Production Planning, Scheduling & Control
Prior to joining International Marine and Industrial Applicators LLC, Joseph J. Rella served for five years as the President and Chief Operating Officer of Austal USA.  Mr. Rella has many years of marine industry knowledge in the area of sales, business development, manufacturing and engineering.  Mr. Rella served as Vice President, Sales of Jeffboat LLC, spent over six years at Atlantic Marine, Inc. in program and sales management, and in engineering and the LHD Program Office at Ingalls Shipbuilding.  Mr. Rella is a US Navy Veteran and a graduate of the Navy's Nuclear Power Program; he received his BS in Marine Engineering from the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy, Kings Point, New York and an MBA from Spring Hill College in Mobile, Alabama.  In addition, Mr. Rella has solid contacts in the marine and industrial surface preparation industry and the investment/banking community.  His customer and business relationships are largely with CEO’s and leaders in the industry.  Therefore, International Marine and Industrial Applicators LLC has the ability to be presented to many of the larger customers driving this industry.  To contact Joe Rella: jrella@imiallc.com.

Mike Hood - Vice President of Operations

Mike Hood has over 20 years of experience in the marine painting industry.  He began his career as an apprentice blaster/painter in a major gulf coast shipyard.  He has first-hand experience in production management, quality control, safety, and contract management.  To contact Mike Hood: mhood@imiallc.com.

Angie Bedgood - Director of Human Resources
Angie graduated from the University of South Alabama. She has been in the field of human resources since 2002 representing a mastery of the HR body of knowledge.  Currently she is a SHRM Senior Certified Professional (SHRM-SCP).  Angie served on the board of directors for Mobile Society for Human Resource Management for 6 years.  She has led the HR department at IMIA since 2002. To contact Angie Bedgood: abedgood@imiallc.com.

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Newport News, VA
Norfolk, VA
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Mayport, FL
Kingsbay, GA
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