As you may be aware, IMIA recently resolved a long running matter with the U S Government concerning allowable equipment rental bill rates on the USS REAGAN docking avail at PSNS back in 2012. IMIA notes that the USS REAGAN availability referenced in the U S Government's press release concerning the settlement was a tremendous success for our Navy customer thanks in part to IMIA's outstanding work on the project. The crux of this matter, as indicated in the Government's press release, was solely a disagreement between IMIA and the Government over the interpretation of a FAR Clause related to allowable billing rates for rented equipment in certain situations. While IMIA disagreed with the US Government's interpretation, in the interest of moving on and not becoming distracted from our focus on supporting the Navy's maintenance needs throughout the country IMIA has chosen to bring this 3 year old inquiry to close. As noted in the Government's press release, this matter has been settled with the US Government with no determination or admission of fault or liability. IMIA continues to provide various and diverse services to the US Government while adhering to the FAR and other Government regulations and requirements.
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